Wednesday, December 15, 2004

She's My Girl

I mentioned in one Private Message to this fellow - the one that is apprehensive about his unborn child - that I thought that my daughter possesses some "spiritual gifts" that set her apart from the rest of us. My correspondent asked what I meant:

It's hard to explain, of course. Here's an example. We were selling some kittens through the newspaper. In the course of a few hours, we probably had 8-10 different groups of people come in the front door to see them. This kinda scruffy looking guy (to me) walks in the front door, and here comes Emma, full speed down the hallway, and she just throws her arms around him. He gets down on the floor and she just hugs him and won't let go. He then explained that he has a younger brother with DS. She knew.
She has a sense and an empathy for certain people. She's only 5, and she cannot speak more than about 8 words, but she communicates love and compassion in ways that defy description. People are drawn to her, not repelled. You cannot meet her without smiling. I've seen her melt the hardest people I know. Understand, she is also a stubborn little girl, and it is often very hard to deal with her. She pulled over the Christmas tree a couple of days ago. It's like, the highs are higher, the lows are lower. But it's so much better than I expected when we got the news when she was born. She's my girl.