Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Christmas Pageant, Draft #1

It’s time for the Christmas Pageant.
Who will you be, this year?
Will you be Joseph, confused and unsure of what is really going on, events dictating your actions, bound by obligations, taxes, and the duties of your relationships?
Will you be Mary, amazed and apprehensive, trusting God while faithfully serving an unknown future?
Will you be the Innkeeper, showing compassion to those in need?
Perhaps Herod, threatened by the coming King, filled with jealousy and fear that truth often brings.
Will you be a shepherd, able to lifted from your everyday world and be filled with the awe of a heavenly host?
A Wise Man, maybe. Seeking after and bearing gifts to the newborn King of Kings, affirming the hope and promise of a followed star.
Christmas and the baby are coming, as sure as each day is crossed off the calendar.
What will you be bringing to the manger, this year?
Perhaps a little of all of the above?