Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dear Sam,

Dear Samuel,
I want you to know how proud I am of you. Whether you know it or not, you've learned some things in the last couple of weeks, without even trying. I've learned some things, too.
You've learned that being honest, and standing up for someone else does not always bring the response that you'd expect from those 'over' you. You were singled out, and made to feel that you had done something wrong, belittled in front of your classmates, and then told that it was wrong to cry. It was wrong for that teacher to talk to you the way that she did. You were right to tell us about it. I'm pretty sure that you didn't expect telling us would mean that we would move you to a different class in a different school, either. I know you know that we did this because of many other reasons, this was just kind of the 'last straw'for us all. Sometimes, standing up for what is right means that you get hurt, too, at the time. By doing what you did, though, you showed your classmates, your teacher, and everyone the sort of character that you already have.
I hope that you have learned that good things will happen when you do the right thing, too. Most important, you will know in your heart that what you did was right. It's really great for Mom and me to see that you are liking your new class and teacher - you've been more excited about school this last week than you have been in a long time. You're helping Mom by riding the bus with Emma, and Emma loves to have you around at school. You're such a good guy with her but hey, you're her brother, right? I hope you're finding friends. I changed schools a lot when I was a kid, I know that that can be hard. Just be yourself.
I learned how much you know - that, even when I was angry at your teacher, you understood and told me that she may have been trying to help you, in a strange way. You're probably right. Seeing someone else's point of view, even when they're being mean to you, is an ability that some adults don't have.
I know it's kinda weird to tell you this in an email, but I wanted you to read it, and maybe keep it and read it over again on a day maybe when things aren't going so good. Sometimes, putting things in writing makes them more permanent, not just a pat on the back from old Dad.
I Love You very much, and I will always.