Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Fair was Good.

We had a good time at The Fair this year. After a few years of loading up on discount tickets for rides, running out, buying more, trying to calculate the cost - we've just given in the last couple of years and bought the one-price, all you can ride wristbands. They and the cost of admission went up a good chunk, this year. The good news is that we've learned to pick a weekday, and this year the planets aligned to bring us quite good fortune: Thursday was wristband day, Steve and Rita could meet us, and Steve White was playing!

Emma loves roller coasters. She has proven to be pretty fearless. I took her with me on the big bumper cars. She started to get upset with the first collision, but was giggling by the end of the ride, figuring out that it was supposed to be that way. Sam had the pleasure of his buddy Ryan's company, they did a pretty good job of tolerating the rest of us. The second ride, the teacups, I obliged Sam by nearly making him sick, as requested. Emma oohed and aahed her way through the rides, taking on some of the bigger-kid roller coasters this time.
This was Steve White's 18th appearance at the Fair. It's a venue that we can attend, kids and all, and it's usually as it was, this year, in the early evening when sitting down is heavenly - to watch and hear him play, divine. He is truly an artist who's combined technical skill with 'a soul for sound' to make music that's unique. While I hope he becomes as rich and famous as he ever wants to be, it has been one of the bright spots in my life to "discover" him, share his music with my friends, and exchange an occasional email with the guy.
Spending time with Steve, Rita, and Corrinna C. is always great, of course. We got in a few rides, after that, loaded up the kids with junk and ice cream, had some fried stuff, our own selves, and made it back home with no disasters or wardrobe malfunctions. The kids were good, the breeze off the ocean was steady, and we only got sunburned in a few places. Overall, a very satisfying day.