Friday, June 24, 2005

. . . And New Heroes Emerge

I have been witnessing a young woman and her husband sharing their lives as they've gone from one pre-natal diagnostic test to another, going from the possibility of trisomy 21 to the realization that their baby indeed has trisomy 18 - a condition that is more often fatal at or near birth. I have been speechless, watching events unfold, mostly because there have been others better equipped than I to support her. Today, she posted their decision. I cannot think of many situations more bittersweet than this, or people more heroic than these.
*husband* and i have decided that we're going to continue with this pregnancy as long as we can. as hard as it will be, this little guy is still our baby and we're going to do everything possible to get as much time with his as we can - even if it's only a few minutes. they'll be worth it.for those who pray, when you think of us, you can pray for the following:- that the pregnancy will go full term- that our son will be born alive- that we'd have a few days to spend with him- if it's not asking too much, that we'd be able to take him home for a bit and then to church to have him dedicated- that peter's family would be able to meet him and be there for the funeral (this is a lot to ask since his parents are missionaries in the middle east, his sister will be starting a job with a missions group in spain, his older brother and family are in southern california, and his younger brother is enrolled in the naval academy in maryland - my family is all in the country at least)we're not at the point that we've fully accepted this (and may never be), but we know that we can't change anything. the only thing we have any control over is our own attitudes. for me being sad, depressed and angry isn't good for the baby and he's the number one priority now.thanks for all the support i've received here.
If you pray, pray for strength for this couple. ". . . Love bears all things . . . "
I have two new heroes, today.