Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Quick Program Note

Thank you for checking in. I'm told that I'm averaging about 5 visitors a day, I'm pretty pleased with that, even at this low production rate of mine. I have to say that it's been hard for me to work up a good gripe lately, I just keep thinking of all of the people just looking for safe drinking water on our planet right now - it just shuts me right up. We were talking last night about some of the depravity and exploitation that these events seem to expose, compounding the natural disaster to create wider human tragedy. The spectrum of our abilities to both uplift and degrade each other, often in the same moment, is simply overwhelming me.
I've added an RSS feed for those of you that know what that is; I'm still looking for a decent, free reader to find out for myself. Let me know if you've found one.
And, as always, any answers to the above questions would be sincerely appreciated.