Monday, October 18, 2004

Buddy Squawk

O.K, so we did our duty and went to our first Buddy Walk. Buddy Walk is an annual event staged by the National Down Syndrome Society,, one of a few national organizations that do whatever they do - promote research and "awareness", programs for inclusion, etc. Cynical me, you know, they've already found a cure. It's called genocide. Is that being too opinionated?
I was and still am a little dumbfounded that there was zero, zip, nada, no media coverage at all. Which tells me a couple of things. First, that the local Buddy Walk folk are not interested in advocacy. San Diego has at least one TV station that does live feeds on Saturday mornings from Pancake Breakfasts and grocery store grand openings. Secondly, if perchance they did alert anyone in the media, then no one cares. So what. I can be just as apathetic about it as everyone else. Well, kinda.
They sent out some guys with banners at the front, and we were off. Our little walk up the Prado to the fountain and back took place in complete obscurity, interrupting the occasional park regular's morning constitutional.
The best part about it was the opportunity to meet Carmen, Emma's school aide. She has kin with special needs, what a blessing for her to be at this event for us. Amazing. Also, to see Samantha and her family.
When Emma first met Samantha (several months ago), her first reaction, from her stroller, was to reach out and hug her. This time, she grabbed lil' Sammy and wouldn't hardly let go. To have your own, live, baby-doll! I was afraid for Samantha's safety. Elizabeth was joined by her husband, Steve, all her kids, and a contingent of high-schoolers. I'm guessing about a third of Borrego Springs (grin).
There were booths from the local agencies, even the local domestic workers union, who's representative got pissed at me when I wouldn't sign up for their mailing list. Solidarity, sister! . There was also a GREAT local band, they kept Emma dancing non-stop for nearly an hour.
So we walked around the fountain, looked at pizza at 10:30 in the morning, listened to some music, "did a little dance and then we drank a little water", saw a lot of other tired-looking people with their Ds kids, and then we left. We went to the Aerospace Museum.
It was a good day.