Friday, February 18, 2005


Ever just have thoughts running around in your head that are just too big and ugly to write down? You start to think you might have something to say, when you realize that either someone else has already thought it, said it, written it so much better than you ever could have? How futile it all seems. Well, do you? Answer the question.
I’ve been feeling pressure to add something here, but keep coming up empty. I’ve been pretty flattered by those who’ve complimented me on some of these, I envision them coming to the site, seeing nothing new, sighing (it’s how I express disappointment), and then leaving. Fortunately, with the advent of TV, and Seinfeld in particular, I feel free to write about nothing. So that’s what I’m doing, and I guess that makes it something.
We saw "Sideways", Mrs. G. and me, on Valentines’ Day. It was a matinee. Not exactly a "romantic" comedy, but a good movie, nonetheless. Almost too much identification with the main character for me, though. I was really hoping to be more like a Riesling. You’ll have to see the movie to understand that. I’d love to become an oenophile, but it’s a lot like golf or snow skiing. There are so many expensive accessories and travel costs. The wardrobe alone puts me off. Anyway, there’s a great review at That’s what I meant by my first paragraph. That man can write.
I just finished watching "Casablanca", with Mr. Ebert’s commentary "over the top" of it. Now, granted, this is one of the most-dissected, written about, viewed over and over films of all time, but I was completely entertained by his combination of factual reportage and personal observations. Voyeurism multiplied. Watching someone watching someone and explaining why we like to watch someone, even if it is a movie.
Identification with characters. Political themes. Light and shadow. Conflicted emotions. Midgets walking around a cardboard cutout of an airplane. Movie Magic. Something from nothing.