Monday, February 28, 2005

Congratulations, Mr. Foxx

Turns out Jamie Foxx has a sister with Down syndrome. Small world, huh?
That’s the “4 foot 11 inches” of pure love” he mentioned in his Oscar acceptance speech. Some of the buzz in my little community is that now he’ll become some sort of advocate, another champion to further the cause, whatever that is. I’m still not entirely sure. That’s another blog, someday soon. He is a successful, African-American who has the resources and ability to have his whole family live with him, and he does. I’m sorry, but that’s advocacy enough, and the expectations that this revelation have sparked leave me a little cold. Barbara Walters has a “mentally handicapped” daughter living with her; she neither denies, capitalizes, nor openly campaigns for any causes, as far as I know. That is her right (and mine, too, I might add). During her interview of him, was I to expect that she’d share her family situation as she asked Jamie about his? No, but knowing this made the moment somewhat poignant for me. Did they discuss this off-camera? I’ll never know. We are all collections of what we are, have been, and want to be. Is it important that it all has to be revealed? I don’t think so.
Congratulations, Mr. Foxx. A well-earned award. I thoroughly enjoyed”Ray”, and I don’t often say that after plunking down $9 to see a movie. It ends there.
And, from a parent of a girl with Down syndrome, thanks for being such a loving brother. It means a lot to me.